Insane Creative Studio

Our mission

We wanted our branding to be simple, yet unique. It has to show how differently we think and how creative we really are. The challenge was to stay simple enough for everyone to understand while being original and “Insane”.

Our services

  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Webdesign
"Insane Creative Studio" logo with the baseline.
Iteration one of the "Insane" wordmark.
Iteration two of the "Insane" wordmark.
Iteration three of the "Insane" wordmark.
Iteration four of the "Insane" wordmark.
Different iteration of the "Insane" wordmark showing the creation process and idea behind the logo.

The Logo

After a lot of iterations, we got to the final logo. We started with a simple and easy to read font and later added our touch of insanity. The result is a timeless logo that is easy to understand yet original enough to represent our work. The logo is designed to be interesting on it’s own, without the help of other graphics.
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